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Don't let the high cost of orthodontic braces keep you or your loved ones from a life-changing smile.

Our Group Pricing Saves You Thousands

Get the same quality braces at a fraction of the price.

Braces Buyers Club pre-negotiates one low price with doctors in your area.

Your free membership covers EVERY smile in your family. 

NO obligation, NO payment, and NO medical information required to enroll.

It's FREE!

"We sent our daughter and son and couldn’t be happier. The doctor is incredibly nice and gave me a payment plan that fits my budget. Best of all, we saved over $7,000!"

E.P, Member, Raleigh, NC

How it Works

  1. Click Here to sign up for your free family membership and instantly get the negotiated group price for a doctor near you.
  2. Schedule your consultation and receive a personalized treatment plan from your doctor - all for free with no pressure or obligation!
  3. Discuss with your doctor convenient payment plans.  If you have insurance, the cost to you can be further reduced.
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Member Benefits

  • The high quality braces you want at the lowest pricing anywhere.  The power in numbers saves you thousands of dollars!
  • A fixed, all-in-one price no matter how many visits or adjustments are needed.
  • FREE consultation with a doctor who will conduct an examination and provide a treatment plan – all with no cost or obligation.
  • Membership is FREE!
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Have questions about membership? Pricing? Benefits? Eligibility?  Find the  answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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"It seemed like all of my daughter's classmates were getting braces and were happier for it. I didn't want her to be left out but couldn't figure out how to pay for braces, cars, camps and college all within a few years. Braces Buyers Club was the answer, and now my daughter has a beautiful smile."

M.A., Member, Boston, MA

"Wow. This is legit. It took me 30 seconds to join and I paid the fixed group price of $3750 for the braces doctor closest to me. The doctor did not charge me for retainers or any of the other stuff other doctors do. I saved $4000 and my son's braces look great. I totally recommend it."

R.E., Member, Raleigh, NC

"I heard about Buyers Braces Club and wondered if it was gimmick or if I’d be sent to a public dental clinic (LOL!) Instead I found myself at an upscale private practice. I’m sure his other patients did not realize that I was paying half of what they are paying."

J.P.P., Member


Join Now with Our 30 Second Membership Sign-Up and receive your free Braces Buyers Club Member ID and local dental provider information.   No payment or medical information required.

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