The most interesting aspect of VoIP is in its ability to widen the phone services for your business. With VoIP, you are no longer trap between the walls of your business location but are now offered the ability to have the same phone service at your remote locations where Internet service is available. Therefore, you can have remote units or even tie multiple phone systems together with direct dialing capabilities.


The Asterisk Trademark Licensing Program is an opportunity for those who don’t have a business partnership with Digium, but who use or work with Asterisk, to license the ASTERISK word mark and Asterisk Speech Bubble in order to promote their product or service. Trademark licenses are available in commercial and noncommercial form.

Sangoma Technologies

Sangoma Technologies Corporation is a trusted leader in delivering globally scalable Voice-Over-IP telephony systems. Serving customers in over 150 countries, Sangoma delivers the industry’s best engineered Unified Communications solutions. Our products are backed by decades of IP communications experience, and comprehensive warranties.